Sunday, June 28, 2015

EF#24 Savory Vegetable Winged Bean in Coconut milk Recipe

Winged bean means kecipir

About twice a week this dish serves in a bowl. It is called "Savory Vegetable Winged Bean in Coconut milk" (seems weird, huh?). The ingredients are very simple, you only need red chili, purple onion, garlic, coconut milk, salt, sugar, water, shrimp paste and winged bean. How to cook it?

  1. First, pour the water in the pot then boil it with winged bean until tender.
  2. Grind some ingredients like red chilies, purple onions, garlics, shrimp paste (one segment of your little finger), salt, and sugar.
  3. After the winged bean get tender, leave the water and put the winged bean in the pot again.
  4. Therefore add the seasoning and a bowl of coconut milk in the pot then boil it. But, make sure the coconut milk not break to make its taste better.
  5. Last, serve it :)
Our family have some killer recipes. One of them is the dish above. I think writing a recipe is more difficult  eventhough it used Simple Present Tense than short story. I only remember a few kitchen utensil in English. And the vocabulary too. I can write a recipe in Bahasa only in a few minutes but getting stuck when translate it into English. But I enjoy this process of learning. Thanks BEC for this challenge!


  1. baca2 post2 BEC minggu ini, sebagian besar melibatkan santan :D

    1. Hahaha wajar mbak, klo ga kolak ya sayur bersantan :-D

      godaan berat bagi penderita kolesterol..


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